A term that  friend of mine (Mr. Mike Holmes) coined last year, I have to say that he hit the nail on the head superbly.

The new fad of instagram is slowly driving me insane, photographic filters are not new, they’ve been around since forever. The art of tastefully washing out elements of an image, enhancing certain colours, cropping an image for the best composition are as I suggested, an art-form.

This latest craze reminds me of the stereos that come with pre-defined graphic equalizers, 99% of people would simply set them to ‘Rock’ so that the display has the word Rock across the front of it as though without it you could only listen to pop or classical music. The choice bore no relevance on the enhancements being made to the sound based upon the shortcomings of the speakers/amplifier/room acoustics which is what graphic equalisers were designed to compensate for.

Back to the subject… Making your images look like every other image on instagram makes you about as unique or a talented photographer/image manipulator as an iSheep. Gain some individuality people, it’s not hard or expensive to begin learning to this properly, have a look at GIMP, read some of the tutorials and have some creative fun that may just expand your horizons.

Rant over, go and play.

Crazy Summer Sunday

So yesterday I woke up really early having not slept well. I headed over to Tansley car boot for 8am, bought some stuff and headed home to find my landlord tarting up my back yard, a nice job done too. The next thing I know I’ve got a bunch of friends in my back yard drinking cider and getting on with our usual barmy behaviour. It has been a rather gorgeous weekend indeed. Continue reading

Defining “Nothing”

Nothing is a term that I have found most frustrating throughout my general life and career, it seems to fit the bill for many sentences that would have otherwise been constructive and descriptive. I’ll give an example before I go any further, it is IT based as this is where my work experience lies but I’m sure this happens in all jobs and walks of life… Continue reading

The Flaming Lips – The greatest show on Earth!

It has to be said that if you want an enjoyable evening then there is nothing quite like a Flaming Lips gig. No rubber bubble this time (Rock City is probably a bit small for that kind of behaviour) but my word… giant screens, huge strobes, confetti cannons, baby dolls, 4 new members and a whole night club full of people grinning like Cheshire cats. Continue reading

The latest happenings in the bearded lifestyle

So, I have changed jobs, not overly amazed but it’ll certainly do me pay wise but other than that it’s boring. Sitting at a desk in the darkened corner of an industrial unit sounds about as appealing as it really is. Being creative to the sounds of a call centre isn’t an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.

I’ve bought a new vehicle however, one seriously sexy beast, ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you, the 1999 Honda VFR800 FI-X… Continue reading

Beardchops goes live

I have decided it would be best to separate my social and professional online identities and so I have moved everything not work related to this new domain. I hope you enjoy it, there will be a better update soon.

Time to get shifting


Just a quick one, things have been chaotic for a bit, I’m back on my feet, walking in straight lines, driving and getting on rooftops. The bike is nearly back up and running, MOT on the way and it’s all good to go again but suddenly had to find somewhere else to live. Fortunately I have found a new house, I may go quiet for a while whilst my whole world is on it’s arse for a week or two but have no fear, I shall be back. Continue reading

RIP Mac Daddy

Legendary music from a pair of legends…

[embedplusvideo height=”465″ width=”584″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/010KyIQjkTk?fs=1&hd=1″ vars=”ytid=010KyIQjkTk&width=584&height=465&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep8335″ /]