A term that  friend of mine (Mr. Mike Holmes) coined last year, I have to say that he hit the nail on the head superbly.

The new fad of instagram is slowly driving me insane, photographic filters are not new, they’ve been around since forever. The art of tastefully washing out elements of an image, enhancing certain colours, cropping an image for the best composition are as I suggested, an art-form.

This latest craze reminds me of the stereos that come with pre-defined graphic equalizers, 99% of people would simply set them to ‘Rock’ so that the display has the word Rock across the front of it as though without it you could only listen to pop or classical music. The choice bore no relevance on the enhancements being made to the sound based upon the shortcomings of the speakers/amplifier/room acoustics which is what graphic equalisers were designed to compensate for.

Back to the subject… Making your images look like every other image on instagram makes you about as unique or a talented photographer/image manipulator as an iSheep. Gain some individuality people, it’s not hard or expensive to begin learning to this properly, have a look at GIMP, read some of the tutorials and have some creative fun that may just expand your horizons.

Rant over, go and play.

That crippled dragon of mine

Who couldn’t love him?

The latest happenings in the bearded lifestyle

So, I have changed jobs, not overly amazed but it’ll certainly do me pay wise but other than that it’s boring. Sitting at a desk in the darkened corner of an industrial unit sounds about as appealing as it really is. Being creative to the sounds of a call centre isn’t an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.

I’ve bought a new vehicle however, one seriously sexy beast, ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you, the 1999 Honda VFR800 FI-X… Continue reading

Android TV toyings

I recently purchased myself a MK808 android stick for use with the 32″ LCD TV I recently mounted on my bedroom wall. I had a few things that I wished to achieve with it, these were;

  1. Connect to my media server and play files (XBMC hopefully)
  2. Angry Birds in bed on a large screen
  3. Hassle free iplayer/4od
  4. Newsgroup management

Continue reading

Updates Galore!

I have been adding media to the site like mad, check out the VioLATE and DownFACE pages in the music section. I have utilised Soundcloud for my music storage/streaming to make this a more social experience and to make my life easier when compiling playlists. YouTube powers the videos, unfortunately I have had to use flash for the most of this which I’m not a huge fan of but no doubt html5 happenings aren’t too far off being universal on both of these platforms. Continue reading

XBMC and why I love it so (Part 1?)

Many moons ago I found myself wanting to build a pc that I could hook up to my TV and watch all of my digital media through, I figured that I didn’t need anything powerful and that it would be nice if I could incorporate a remote control.

I asked my friend who at he time was working for IBM if he had any suggestions and he informed me that I should buy an xbox. I pointed out that I wasn’t looking for a games console and suddenly a whole new world was opened up to me, the world of console hacking. Continue reading