Android TV toyings

I recently purchased myself a MK808 android stick for use with the 32″ LCD TV I recently mounted on my bedroom wall. I had a few things that I wished to achieve with it, these were;

  1. Connect to my media server and play files (XBMC hopefully)
  2. Angry Birds in bed on a large screen
  3. Hassle free iplayer/4od
  4. Newsgroup management

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XBMC and why I love it so (Part 1?)

Many moons ago I found myself wanting to build a pc that I could hook up to my TV and watch all of my digital media through, I figured that I didn’t need anything powerful and that it would be nice if I could incorporate a remote control.

I asked my friend who at he time was working for IBM if he had any suggestions and he informed me that I should buy an xbox. I pointed out that I wasn’t looking for a games console and suddenly a whole new world was opened up to me, the world of console hacking. Continue reading