About Luke

I was that weird kid with long hair at school that didn't participate in or enjoy sports, listened to heavy music and generally didn't like people. later in life I would go on to become an IT manager amongst many things whilst the popular kids became parents at a young age and ruined the rest of their lives. This is my site, amongst many other things my passions include reptiles, loud music, web development, open source software, bearding and motorbikes. I write about my interests at no regular interval and in no particular order. You may not like this, you may love it, I'm not bothered either way.

Yorkshire Beard Day

It was recently brought to my attention by my friend Andy (Mr. Blessed) that he had met a Mr. Michael Wallage who had informed him of an event happening in Scarborough where bearded gentlemen such as ourselves gather and hold a competition to judge who has the most splendid facial fur in all the land. I could not resist and so off we headed for sunny Scarborough. Continue reading

RAF Manby

An interesting one this, spotted it on the 28DL facebook page and figured I’d go for a wander round. I’m quite a fan of what their community produces even if at times I do find them a little snobbish towards people like myself who aren’t in it for the photography, merely the adventure. I realise however that there are people who go to these places purely to break stuff and vandalise/steal, I take only photographs (all be it on my phone and not a £900 DSLR) and leave only footprints. Continue reading