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Yorkshire Beard Day

It was recently brought to my attention by my friend Andy (Mr. Blessed) that he had met a Mr. Michael Wallage who had informed him of an event happening in Scarborough where bearded gentlemen such as ourselves gather and hold a competition to judge who has the most splendid facial fur in all the land. I could not resist and so off we headed for sunny Scarborough.After a 4 hour car journey which included a 40+ mile diversion and at least 5 Tom Waits albums we arrived, parked next to the sea and ran from the car with precision timing so as not to get drowned by the impressive waves that were lapping over the car. Much fun was had by all of us, there was even a category for fake beards so that the ladies and children could join in to take their minds off how damn cold it was.

In hindsight I should’ve prepared my beard as it wasn’t displaying it’s usual magnitude after some hard days at work and a lack of personal grooming. Next time I shall certainly do so.

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