Xbox 360

Adding Games to RGH Xbox 360

Firstly, you’re going to need a couple of packages for this method. The required packages are as follows;

Obtaining Games

Once you’ve extracted all of the above, open XBLMarketplace For PC, it should look similar to the screenshot below.

Select your region at the bottom right, select XBOX Games On Demand near the top right, I like to set it to 100 entries at a time.

Once you’ve found the game you’d like, so long as it’s listed as True under Can Download, click the name of it in the left hand list then click the Generate URL button on the bottom right.

Copy the generated URL and paste it into a browser, if all goes well you should be prompted to download it.

Once it’s downloaded, head to the Converter tab which should look like the screenshot below, all be it with nothing in the top pane at this stage.

Click Add (*.xcp), select the file you just downloaded, click it in the top pane then click Unpack. This will take a while, bare with it. Once you’ve completed that you should find it in the Decompressed folder within the XBLMBrowser directory.

Preparing Games

Now that we have this, all that’s required is a spot of renaming and to unlock the file for any console.

Open 360 Content Manager…

Tip: If the window fails to appear, hit alt+space and select maximise, from there you can re-jig the window to fit your screen

In the left pane, find the folder that you just decrypted to (it’s set in the Info&Settings tab of Xbox Live Marketplace PC), you can now delete the .xcp file from that folder as you no longer need it. The game file should appear in the right hand pane. Tick the box next to it, right click the name and select Unlock Checked Files. Go through the motions with this and you are almost there.

Next rename the file and folder so that it is 12 characters long, the folder should have the same name with .data at the end, for example you could have a file named c49cad631931 and a folder named

Now you’ll need the title ID of the game, I’ve provided a table below to easily locate the correct one…

Title ID Game Developer Category Year
4156084E [PROTOTYPE] Radical Action
415608D8 007 Legends Eurocom Shooter 2012
584108AA 1942: Joint Strike Backbone Entertainment Action 2008
454107E6 2006 FIFA World Cup EA Canada Sports 2006
454108E4 2010 FIFA World Cup EA Canada Sports 2010
5451083B 50 Cent: BotS Swordfish Studios Action 2009
54510840 5th Grader: Game Time ImaginEngine Puzzle
55530808 AA: True Soldiers High Voltage Software Action 2007
465307DA AC for Answer FromSoftware Action
45410889 AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Harmonix Music Systems Music 2008
4E4D07D1 ACE COMBAT 6 Namco Action 2007
4E4D081C ACE COMBAT: AH Namco Action 2011
4E4D084C ACE COMBAT: AH Demo Namco Action
4B4E0819 ADRENALIN MISFITS Konami Action
415608C7 Adventure Camp Cauldron Family 2012
484507D2 AFL Live Big Ant Studios Sports
5848081B Air Band Relentless Software Kinect
4B5907E0 Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Games Farm Shooter 2011
413307D3 Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Games Farm Fighting
545A07D3 Akai Katana Cave Shooter 2012
4D530805 Alan Wake Remedy Games Action 2010
415607DC Alaskan Adventures Fun Labs Action 2006
475707D1 Alaskan Storm Liquid Dragon Studios Strategy 2008
45410916 Alice: Madness Returns Spicy Horse Action
4D4B07D2 Alien Breed Trilogy Team 17 Action
5345080C Aliens Colonial Marines Gearbox Software Shooter 2013
5345082A Aliens vs Predator Rebellion Shooter 2003
54540807 All Pro Football 2K8 Take 2 Interactive Sports 2007
494707D1 Alone In The Dark Eden Games Action 2008
5345080E Alpha Protocol Obsidian Entertainment Action 2010
4D4A07E4 Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked Behaviour Family 2011
415607D4 American Wasteland Neversoft Action 2005
545407D4 Amped 3 Indie Built Action 2005
5345083F ANARCHY REIGNS Platin Action 2012
415608E4 Angry Birds Trilogy Rovio Puzzle 2012
4156088B Apache: Air Assault Gaijin Entertainment Racing 2010
58410B47 Apples to Apples ImaginEngine Puzzle 2011
415707DC Arcana Heart 3 Arc System Works Fighting 2011
4A5707D2 ArcaniA - Gothic 4 Spellbound Role Playing 2010
4E4D084F Armored Core V FromSoftware Action 2012
465307D6 ARMORED CORE4 FromSoftware Action 2007
454107F8 Army of Two Electronic Arts Shooter 2008
4541084C Army of Two (EU) Electronic Arts Shooter 2008
454108D8 Army of TWO: TFD Electronic Arts Shooter 2010
434D082B Ashes Cricket 2009 Transmission Games Sports 2009
555307D4 Assassin's Creed Ubisoft Action 2007
5553085D Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Ubisoft Action
5553083B Assassin's Creed II Ubisoft Action 2009
55530879 Assassin's Creed Revelations Ubisoft Action 2011
555308AE Assassin's Creed® III Ubisoft Action 2012
584108C3 Assault Heroes 2 Wanako Games Action 2008
494707EE Assault on Dark Athena Starbreeze Action 2009
43430817 ASURA'S WRATH CyberConnect2 Co.Ltd. Action 2012
425607D1 At Worlds End Eurocom Action 2007
4D4A07D9 AttackOfTheMovies3D Panic Action 2010
5848081A Avatar Kinect Good Science Studio Kinect
545107E1 Avatar: TLA: TBE THQ Action 2007
58410B5A Awesomenauts Ronimo Games Platformer 2012
464F07DA BACKBREAKER NaturalMotion Games Strategy 2010
58410B39 Backbreaker Vengeance NaturalMotion Games Action 2011
49470803 Backyard Football '10 FarSight Studios Family 2009
4947080B Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush Humongous Inc. Sports
41560823 Baja 1000 Left Field Productions Racing 2008
545107EF BAJA: Edge of Control 2XL Games, Inc. Racing 2008
41560857 Bakugan Now Pro Action 2009
41560891 Bakugan: DOTC Now Pro Action 2012
4156085C Band Hero Neversoft Music 2009
58410B4A Bang Bang Racing Digital Reality Racing 2012
5343080B Batman: AA GOTY Rocksteady Studios Action 2010
534307F6 Batman: Arkham Asylum Rocksteady Studios Action 2009
57520802 Batman: Arkham City Rocksteady Studios Action 2011
415707D4 Battle Fantasia Arc System Works Fighting 2010
58480818 Battle Stuff Smoking Gun Interactive Kinect
5A4507D1 Battle vs Chess Targem Games Card
58410B42 Battle: Los Angeles Live Action Studios Action
454107DB Battlefield 2: MC DICE Action 2010
45410950 Battlefield 3 DICE Shooter 2011
454107F9 Battlefield: Bad Co. EA Digital Illusions CE AB Action 2008
454108A8 Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 Digital Illusions Action 2010
415608D1 Battleship Double Helix Shooter 2012
534307E9 Battlestations Pacific Eidos Action 2009
534307D9 Battlestations: Midway Eidos Action 2010
53450813 BAYONETTA Platin Action 2010
415907D7 BCFx-Doug Williams Ed. Nerjyzed Entertainment Inc. Sports 2009
4E4D07DC Beautiful Katamari Namco Action 2007
415607F5 Bee Movie Game Beenox Action 2007
534507F4 Beijing 2008 Eurocom Sports 2008
445007FC Ben 10 Galactic Racing Monkey Bar Games Family 2011
445007F1 BEN 10: VILGAX ATTACKS Papaya Studio Action 2009
55530801 Beowulf Ubisoft Action 2007
41560800 Big Game Hunter Fun Labs Sports 2007
415608CE Big League Sports Robomodo Sports 2010
5345085C BINARY DOMAIN Sega Shooter 2012
434307DD Bionic Commando GRIN Action 2009
534307E2 Bionicle Heroes Traveller's Tales Action 2006
545407D8 BioShock 2K Boston, 2K Austraila Action 2007
5454082D BioShock 2 2K Marin Shooter 2010
54540861 BioShock 2 2K Marin Action 2010
5454085D BioShock Infinite Irrational Games Shooter 2013
4B4E0839 Birds of Steel Gaijin Entertainment Racing 2011
5553088D Black Eyed Peas Experience Ubisoft Music
4D5707D7 Blacksite Midway Action 2007
464F07F2 Blackwater Kinect Zombie Studios Shooter 2011
4B4E0838 Blades of Time Gaijin Entertainment Action 2012
4B4F07D8 BLADESTORM KOEI Action 2007
415807D5 BlazBlue Arc System Works Fighting
415707DD BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND Arc System Works Fighting 2012
415707DA BLAZBLUE CS Arc System Works Fighting
555307DB Blazing Angels Ubisoft Action 2006
555307FE Blazing Angels 2 Ubisoft Action 2007
4D5707D4 Blitz: The League Point of View Sports 2007
4D5707E8 Blitz: The League II Midway Sports 2008
58580833 Block Party Xbox LIVE Other
464507D1 Blood Bowl Cyanide Strategy 2010
4156088D Blood Drive Sidhe Racing 2010
4D5307DF Blue Dragon Mistwalker / Artoon Role Playing 2007
41560845 Blur Bizarre Creations Racing 2010
58480813 Bobble Head Good Science Studio Kinect
4E4D0827 Body and Brain Connection Namco Family 2010
434D0839 Bodycount Codemasters Shooter
485507D1 BOMBERMAN Act:Zero HUDSON Action 2006
545407E7 Borderlands Gearbox Software Shooter 2009
5454087C Borderlands 2 Gearbox Software Role Playing 2012
424707D1 BradyGames Strategy BradyGames Other 2009
584108AE Brain Challenge Gameloft Educational 2009
455607D1 Brave- Warrior's Tale Collision Studios Action 2009
42560817 Brave: The Video Game Behaviour Action 2012
425307D9 Brink Splash Damage Shooter 2011
555307EA Brothers in Arms: HH Gearbox Software Action 2008
435607DA Brunswick Pro Bowling FarSight Studios Sports 2010
454108C5 Brütal Legend Double Fine Action 2009
58480812 Build A Buddy Good Science Studio Kinect
454108EF Bulletstorm Epic Games / People Can Fly Shooter 2011
494707DB BulletWitch Atari Action 2007
5454081A Bully Scholarship Ed. MAD Action 2008
58410B5D Burnout Crash! Criterion Games Action
45410806 Burnout Paradise Criterion Games Racing 2008
454107DC Burnout Revenge Criterion Games Action 2010
45410860 C&C Red Alert 3 Electronic Arts Strategy 2008
4541083A C&C3: Kane's Wrath Electronic Arts Strategy 2008
4156085F Cabela's BGH 2010 Cauldron Action 2009
415608BD Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 Cauldron Shooter 2011
415608DB Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 Cauldron Action 2012
415608C2 Cabela's Hunting Party GamesFarm Action
4156088F Cabela's NAA Fun Labs Action 2010
415607E5 Cabela's Safari Fun Labs Action 2010
415608BE Cabela's Survival: SoK Fun Labs Action 2011
41560804 Cabela's Trophy Bucks FunLabs Action
41560890 Cabela's® DH 2011 Cauldron Shooter
415607D1 Call of Duty® 2 Infinity Action 2005
415607E1 Call of Duty® 3 Treyarch Shooter 2006
41560898 Call of Duty® ELITE Beachhead Shooter
41560855 Call of Duty®: Black Ops Treyarch Shooter 2010
4156081C Call of Duty®: WaW Treyarch Action 2008
555307FA Call of Juarez Techland Action 2011
55530874 Call Of Juarez : The Cartel Techland Shooter 2011
5553081C Call of Juarez 2 Techland Shooter 2009
5553083C Cameron's Avatar Ubisoft Action 2009
4343082B Capcom DC Backbone Entertainment Action 2012
53450858 Captain America: Super Soldier Next Level Games Action
54540890 Carnival Games®: MSMD Cat Daddy Family 2011
545107EA Cars Rainbow Family 2006
425607FE Cars 2: The Video Game Avalanche Action 2011
54510801 Cars: Mater-National Rainbow Family 2008
54510848 Cars: Race-O-Rama Incinerator Studios Family 2009
584108B7 Castle Crashers The Behemoth Action 2010
4B4E0809 Castlevania LoS Mercury Steam Action
4B4E084D Castlevania: LoS 2 Mercury Steam Action
415407D7 Catherine Atlus Action 2011
4B5607D5 Champion Jockey Tose Racing
4156085A Chaotic Fun Labs Action 2009
5857099E Chevrolet Sonic Kinect Chevrolet Sonic Other
5553084C Child of Eden Q ENTERTAINMENT Music 2011
534507D4 Chromehounds FROM SOFTWARE Action 2006
415607E4 Civil War Cauldron Shooter 2007
545407E5 Civilization Revolution Firaxis Games Strategy 2008
4E4D081B CLASH OF THE TITANS Game Republic Action 2010
434D07E9 Clive Barker's Jericho Mercury Steam Action 2007
55530836 Cloudy with a... Ubisoft Action
4F4707D7 CN: PTEXL Papaya Studio Fighting
545407D2 College Hoops 2K6 Visual Concepts Sports 2006
545407F1 College Hoops 2K7 Visual Concepts Sports 2006
54540818 College Hoops 2K8 Visual Concepts Sports 2007
435907D2 Combat Wings: GBWWII City Interactive Racing 2012
4541080E Command and Conquer 3 Electronic Arts Strategy 2007
545107DA Conan Nihilistic Software Action 2007
534507D2 Condemned Monolith Productions, Inc. Action 2005
534307D3 Conflict: Denied Ops Pivotal Games Action 2008
563307D1 Country Dance All Stars High Voltage Software Music 2012
4D5307DC Crackdown Realtime Worlds Action 2007
4D5308BC Crackdown 2 Ruffian Games Ltd. Other 2010
565507FA Crash Mind Over Mutant Radical Platformer 2008
565507E4 Crash Of The Titans Radical Platformer 2007
524C07D1 Crash Time Synetic Racing
524C07D9 Crash Time 3 Synetic Action
445407D9 Crash Time 4 - The Syndicate Synetic Racing
524C07D6 Crash Time II Synetic Action
45410929 Create Bright Light Other 2010
4B4E082C CROSSBOARD 7 Konami Action
45410968 Crysis Crytek Shooter
454108E3 Crysis 2 Crytek Shooter 2011
4541098E Crysis® 3 Crytek Shooter
5553083F CSI: Deadly Intent Telltale Games Action 2009
55530849 CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Telltale Games Other
55530809 CSI-Hard Evidence Telltale Games Action 2007
41560825 CW: Secret Missions Cauldron Action 2008
545107FE DAH! Path of the Furon Sandblast Games Action 2008
4D5907D3 Damage Inc. - Pacific Squadron WWII Trickstar Games Action 2012
434D0806 Damnation Blue Omega Entertainment... Action 2009
545607D3 Dance Central Harmonix Music Systems Music 2010
5451088C Dance Paradise Smack Down Production Music
4B4E0807 DanceDanceRevolution Konami Music
4B4E081E DanceMasters Konami Music
41560826 Dangerous Hunts 2009 Fun Labs Action 2008
454108CF Dante's Inferno Electronic Arts Action 2010
445007D4 Dark Sector Digital Extremes Action 2008
4E4D083A Dark Souls FromSoftware Action 2011
434307E0 Dark Void Airtight Games Action 2010
564707D4 Darkest Of Days 8monkey / Third Wave Games Action 2009
545107E6 Darksiders Vigil Games Action 2010
54510896 Darksiders II Vigil Games Action 2012
4B5907DA DarkStar One Gaming Minds Studios Action
4E4D0803 DB: Raging Blast Spike Fighting 2009
4E4D0826 DB: Raging Blast 2 Spike Fighting
4E4D0856 DBZ Budokai HD Collection Pyramid, Inc. Fighting 2012
4E4D084E DBZ for Kinect Spike Fighting 2012
424107DC DBZ: BURST LIMIT Dimps Corporation Action
4B4E07EF DDR Universe 3 HUDSON Music 2008
4B4E07DC DDR/DS Universe HUDSON Music 2007
4B4E07E7 DDR/DS Universe 2 HUDSON Music 2007
54510865 de Blob 2 Bluetongue Entertainment Action
58410B48 Dead Block Candygun Games UG Action 2011
4B4D07DF Dead Island Techland Action 2011
544307D1 DEAD OR ALIVE 4 Team Ninja Fighting 2005
4B5607DA Dead or Alive 5 Tecmo Fighting 2012
544307D2 DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 2 Team Ninja Sports 2006
434307D2 DEAD RISING Capcom Action 2006
434307EC Dead Rising 2 Blue Castle Games Action 2010
4343081F DEAD RISING 2 OFF THE RECORD Capcom Action 2011
45410857 Dead Space Electronic Arts Action 2008
4541099D Dead Space 3 Visceral Action
454108DF Dead Space 2 Visceral Action 2011
58410B5C Deadliest Warrior: Legends Pipeworks Fighting 2011
494F07D4 DEADLY PREMONITION Access Action 2010
4D5607D1 Deadly Premonition Access Action
545A07D1 Deathsmiles Cave Shooter
415807D8 DEATHSMILES NA Cave Shooter 2010
435A07D9 DeathSmiles2 X Cave Shooter
5451086B Deepak Chopras Leela Curious Pictures Other 2011
4B4E0820 DEF JAM RAPSTAR Terminal Reality Music
454107EE DEF JAM: ICON EA Chicago Fighting 2007
535107FA DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION Eidos Action 2010
434307DF Devil May Cry 4 Capcom Action 2008
58410B3C Diabolical Pitch Grasshopper Manufacture Action 2012
434D07DB DiRT Codemasters Racing 2007
434D0819 DiRT 2 Codemasters Racing 2009
434D083D DiRT 3 Codemasters Racing 2011
434D0845 DiRT Showdown Codemasters Racing 2012
425307E3 Dishonored Arkane Studios Action 2012
425607DE Disney Bolt Avalanche Action 2008
5858085F Disney Classics Disney Interactive Studios Other
42560816 Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Junction Point Studios Action 2012
42560807 Disney Phineas & Ferb Lakshya Digital, Pvt. Ltd. Family
425607E0 Disney Sing It Zoe Mode Family 2008
425607E6 Disney Sing It HSM3 Zoë Mode Family 2010
42560803 Disney Universe Eurocom Action 2011
54510839 Disney·Pixar UP Heavy Iron Action 2009
434407D6 Divinity II Larian Studio Action
445407D3 Divinity II Larian Studio Action
464507D6 Divinity II - DKS Larian Studio Action 2010
415407D8 Divinity II: TDKS Larian Studio Role Playing
4156087F DJ Hero® 2 Freestyle Music 2010
4343081E DMC HD Collection Foundation 9 Action 2012
55530804 DMMM:Elements Ubisoft Action 2008
425307F1 DOOM 3 BFG Edition id Software Shooter
4541090B Dragon Age 2 BioWare Action 2011
454108C0 Dragon Age: Origins BioWare Role Playing 2009
4E4D0846 Dragon Ball Z UT Spike Fighting 2011
43430814 Dragon's Dogma Capcom Action 2012
5345085A Dreamcast Collection Sega Action
415907D8 Dreamkiller Mindware Action 2009
415608B4 DreamWorks Kartz High Impact Games Family 2011
5553087E Driver San Francisco Ubisoft Action 2011
4E4D07F5 DTR: Retribution Volatile Games Fighting 2010
5454084E Duke Nukem Forever Gearbox Software Shooter 2011
58580879 Dumbo Disney Interactive Studios Other
535107F5 Dungeon Siege 3 Obsidian Entertainment Action
4E4D0800 DW: GUNDAM 2 KOEI Action 2009
4E4D0834 DW: Gundam 3 Tecmo Action
4B4F07FA DW: Strikeforce KOEI Action
4E4D07E5 DW:GUNDAM KOEI Action 2007
4B4F07D3 DW5 Empires KOEI Action 2006
4B4F07E0 DW6 Tecmo Action 2008
4B4F07E7 DW6 Empires Tecmo Action 2009
4B5607D2 Dynasty Warriors 7 Tecmo Action
584C07D8 E3 2007 Xbox LIVE Other
585407D3 E3 2008 Xbox Console Manufacturi... Other
58580815 E3 2009 Xbox LIVE Other
5858083F E3 2010 Xbox LIVE Other
58580869 E3 2011 Microsoft Other
4541096C EA SPORTS EA SPORTS Sports 2011
45410911 EA SPORTS Active 2 Electronic Arts Sports 2010
4541097B EA SPORTS FIFA Street Electronic Arts Sports 2012
45410891 EA SPORTS Grand Slam® Tennis 2 Electronic Arts Sports 2012
454108FC EA SPORTS MMA EA Tiburon Fighting 2010
445007F9 Earth Defense Force: IA Vicious Cycle Software Action 2011
445007D3 EarthDefenseForce 2017 SANDLOT Action 2007
445007EB Eat Lead Vicious Cycle Software Shooter 2009
494F07D1 El Shaddai Ignition Entertainment Action 2011
555307E6 Enchanted Arms FROM SOFTWARE Role Playing 2006
53450832 End of Eternity tri-Ace Role Playing
4E4D07F1 ENSLAVED Ninja Theory Ltd. Action 2010
565507E0 Eragon Stormfront Studios Action 2006
415607DF ET: QUAKE Wars Nerve Software Action 2008
4E4D07E2 Eternal Sonata tri-Crescendo Role Playing 2007
4E4D07E4 Eternal Sonata tri-Crescendo Role Playing 2007
4F4707D4 Everyone Sing Gusto Games Music 2012
584108A7 EXIT Taito Action 2007
565507D9 F.E.A.R. Day 1 Studios Action 2006
575207D3 F.E.A.R. 2 Monolith Productions, Inc. Shooter 2009
57520800 F.E.A.R. 3 Day 1 Studios Shooter 2011
434D082D F1 2010 Codemasters Racing
434D0842 F1 2011 Codemasters Racing 2011
434D0847 F1 2012 Codemasters Racing 2012
434D0849 F1 Race Stars Codemasters Family 2012
4D5307F1 Fable II Microsoft Role Playing 2008
4D5308D6 Fable III Lionhead Studios Action 2010
584807E1 Facebook Microsoft Other
45410861 FaceBreaker EA Canada Sports 2008
425307D5 Fallout 3 Bethesda Game Studios Role Playing 2008
425307E0 Fallout: New Vegas Obsidian Entertainment Action 2010
5553087F Family Feud® Ludia Family
45410966 Family Game Night 4: The Game Show Wahoo Studios, Inc. Family 2011
415608C5 Family Guy Heavy Iron Action 2012
5451085E Fantastic Pets Blitz Games Family 2011
5553088C Far Cry 3 Ubisoft Shooter 2012
55530810 Far Cry® 2 Ubisoft Shooter
58580887 Fast Five Xbox LIVE Other
4B4F07D7 Fatal Inertia KOEI Racing 2007
555307DC FC Instincts Predator Ubisoft Action 2006
464F07DB Field & Stream T.O.C. Beast Studios Strategy
454107D7 FIFA 06 RTFWC EA Canada Sports 2005
454107EF FIFA 07 EA Canada Sports 2006
4541081F FIFA 08 EA Canada Sports 2007
4541085B FIFA 09 EA Canada Sports 2008
454108BC FIFA 10 EA Canada Sports 2009
45410967 FIFA 12 EA Canada Sports 2011
454108F3 FIFA Soccer 11 Electronic Arts Sports
45410998 FIFA Soccer 13 EA Canada Sports
45410999 FIFA Soccer 13 Early Access EA Canada Sports 2012
4541083B FIFA Street 3 Electronic Arts Sports 2008
45410915 FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION Electronic Arts Fighting 2010
454107DE Fight Night Round 3 EA Chicago Sports 2010
45410894 Fight Night Round 4 EA Canada Sports 2009
5553084E Fighters Uncaged AMA Studios Action 2010
535107D5 FINAL FANTASY XI SQUARE ENIX Role Playing 2006
53510806 FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 SQUARE ENIX Role Playing 2012
4B4F07FE Fist of the North Star Tecmo Action
454D07D2 FlatOut UC Bugbear Entertainment Racing 2007
534507D1 Football Manager 2006 Sports Interactive Strategy 2006
4D5307EA Forza Motorsport 2 Microsoft Racing 2007
4D53084D Forza Motorsport 3 Turn 10 Studios Racing 2009
4C4107D4 Fracture Day 1 Studios Action 2008
535107E9 Front Mission Evolved Double Helix Shooter 2010
545107D8 Frontlines:Fuel of War Kaos Studios Shooter 2008
434D080D FUEL Asobo Studio Racing 2009
534507D5 Full Auto Pseudo Interactive Action 2006
4541096E Fuse Insomnia Action 2077
485507D4 Fuzion Frenzy 2 Microsoft Action 2007
4541089B G.I. JOE Double Helix Action
454108D9 G.I. JOE (PAL) Double Helix Action
584108BB Galaga Legions Namco Action 2008
415407DE Game of Thrones Cyanide Role Playing 2012
57520801 Game Party In Motion FarSight Studios Family 2010
4D530901 Game Room Krome Studios Action
4D5307D5 Gears of War Epic Games, Inc. Shooter 2006
4D53082D Gears of War 2 Epic Games, Inc. Shooter 2008
4C5307DE Get Fit With Mel B Lightning Fish Games Sports
425607E8 G-Force Eurocom Action 2009
41560883 GH: Warriors of Rock Neversoft Music 2010
55530833 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Ubisoft Shooter 2012
494707F4 Ghostbusters Terminal Reality Action 2009
4D4A07D8 GHP2 Super X Studios LLC Shooter 2010
584108B8 Go! Go! Break Steady Little Boy Games Music 2010
534507E5 Golden Axe:Beast Rider Secret Level Action 2008
415608AF GoldenEye Reloaded Eurocom Shooter 2010
584108A1 Golf: Tee It Up! Housemarque Sports 2008
445407D4 Gray Matter Wizarbox Action
464F07E7 Grease Dance Zoë Mode Other 2011
454108E7 Green Day: Rock Band Harmonix Music Systems Music 2010
575207E9 Green Lantern Double Helix Action
434D07FF GRID Codemasters Racing 2008
434D0844 GRID 2 Codemasters Racing
545407F2 GTA IV Rockstar North Action 2008
415707D1 GUILTY GEAR 2 Arc System Works Action 2008
41560840 Guitar Hero 5 Neversoft Music 2009
4156083E Guitar Hero Hits Beenox Music 2009
415607E7 Guitar Hero II Harmonix Music Systems Music 2007
415607F7 Guitar Hero III Neversoft Music 2007
41560830 Guitar Hero Metallica Neversoft Music 2009
4156083D Guitar Hero Van Halen Underground Development Music 2009
41560871 Guitar Hero VIP Pass Seven Studios Music
4156081A Guitar Hero World Tour Neversoft Music 2008
41560819 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Neversoft Music 2008
415607D3 Gun Neversoft Action 2005
475007D2 Hail to the Chimp Wideload Games Other 2008
58410B3D HALF-MINUTE HERO -Super Mega Neo Climax- Marvelous Entertainment ... Action 2011
4D5307E6 Halo 3 Bungie Studios Shooter 2010
4D530877 Halo 3: ODST Bungie Studios Shooter 2009
4D530808 Halo Wars Ensemble Studios Action 2009
4D5308CE Halo Waypoint 343 Industries Other 2010
4D53085B Halo: Reach Bungie Studios Shooter 2010
425607E9 Hannah The Movie N-Space Action 2009
5752080D Happy Feet Two: The Videogame KMMG Studios Action 2011
584108AC Happy Tree Friends Stainless Games Puzzle 2008
4D4A07E3 Harley Pasternaks Hollywood Workout Heavy Iron Strategy 2012
5858084A Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Warner Bros. Action
454108F9 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 Bright Light Action 2010
45410955 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 EA Bright Light Action
574207E7 Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsTM Disruptive Publishers Action
57520826 Harry Potter for Kinect Eurocom Kinect 2012
454107FA Harry Potter HBP Electronic Arts Action 2009
45410819 Harry Potter OOTP Electronic Arts Action 2007
4541090C Hasbro Family Game Night 3 Sumo Digital Family
4B4E07D3 Hellboy: TSoE Krome Studios Action 2008
55530841 Heroes Over Europe Transmission Games Other 2009
53510804 Hitman: Absolution IO Interactive Action 2012
534307DB Hitman: Blood Money Eidos Action 2010
54510846 Homefront Kaos Studios Action
4D5707D9 Hour of Victory Nfusion Interactive Action 2007
4D5707E4 Hour of Victory (PC) Nfusion Interactive Action
41560877 HowToTrainYourDragon Etranges Libellules Action 2010
425607DF HSM3 Senior Year DANCE Page 44 Studios Family
4D4A07DD Hulk Hogan's Main Event Panic Fighting
425307D7 Hunted Demons Forge inXile Entertainment Action
58410B3A I Am Alive Ubisoft Action 2012
434D07D8 ICC Cricket 2007 Codemasters Sports 2007
4156083F Ice Age 3 Eurocom Action 2009
415608D7 Ice Age 4 Behaviour Family 2012
464F07D1 IL-2: Birds of Prey Gaijin Entertainment Strategy
504307D4 Infernal Metro Action 2009
535107DB Infinite Undiscovery tri-Ace Role Playing 2008
57520829 Injustice: Gods Among Us NetherRealm Studios Fighting
4E4D0801 Inversion Saber Interactive Action 2012
534507F2 Iron Man Secret Level Action 2008
53450836 Iron Man 2 Sega Action
4156081F James Bond 007: Blood Stone Bizarre Creations Action 2010
455607D6 JASF Trickstar Games Racing
555308B3 JD Disney Party Land Ho! Music 2012
545108AE Jeopardy! Pipeworks Family 2012
4D4A07E5 Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure Majesco Sports 2011
464F07F6 Jillian Michael's Fitness Adventure N-Space Other 2011
4B4E0841 Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine Isopod Labs Racing 2011
484507D4 Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge Sidhe Sports 2011
5848081F Junk Fu Wahoo Studios Kinect 2012
5858088A Jurassic Park Xbox LIVE Other
41560870 Jurassic: The Hunted Cauldron Action
534307D5 Just Cause Avalanche Action 2006
534307E7 Just Cause 2 Avalanche Action 2010
55530888 Just Dance 3 Ubisoft Family 2011
555308B2 Just Dance Greatest Hits Ubisoft Family 2012
55530877 Just Dance Kids 2 Ubisoft Family
555308B5 Just Dance® 4 Ubisoft Music 2012
4D5307D2 Kameo Rare Action 2005
534307F8 Kane & Lynch 2 IO Interactive Action 2010
534307E0 Kane and Lynch:DeadMen IO Interactive Action 2007
4B4E0803 Karaoke Revolution Blitz Games Family 2009
4B4E083F Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3 Hijinx Studios, LLC. Music 2011
474507D2 Kengo Legend of the 9 GENKI Action 2007
4D5308ED Kinect Adventures! Good Science Studio