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Time to get shifting


Just a quick one, things have been chaotic for a bit, I’m back on my feet, walking in straight lines, driving and getting on rooftops. The bike is nearly back up and running, MOT on the way and it’s all good to go again but suddenly had to find somewhere else to live. Fortunately I have found a new house, I may go quiet for a while whilst my whole world is on it’s arse for a week or two but have no fear, I shall be back.

Big up to the people mucking in when and however they can to get this all moving as smoothly as possible.

My Chillies have come along nicely this year, I’ve dried lots of them, the rest are ready for a chutney session in my new kitchen.

It’s been about 6 months since i carried a tobacco tin around with me now too, I rather┬álike these personal vaporizers, they’re nice and you don’t wind up with pockets full of bacca. Check out for all of your vaping needs, quite a nice looking site too may I add ;)>

An ex-postman friend has begun his career in remedial massage therapy, I wish him all the best.

As I previously mentioned, production must now grind to a halt as I move my stuff, paint the old house and settle in to my new house. If any of you have an hour or so to spare at any point then drop in and I’m sure we can find a box to fill or a wall to paint, I’ve only got just over a week to do this!

Keep rocking my world you awesome bastards and thank you for having done so for the last nearly 33 years!