Labyrinthitis?Meniere’s Disease

The words that have plagued me for the past 2 months…

Perhaps I should go back a little. For those who don’t know 2 months ago I woke up and could only describe my legs as feeling like they belonged to a drunk person, this worried me somewhat and so off I went to the doctors.

Labyrinthitis! take these pills 3 times a day, you’ll be fine in a week or so. Or so he thought.

For anyone who ever goes through this I can only suggest buying plenty of toilet paper in on your way home from the pharmacist, the first 2 lots of pills I tried meant that I needed it, at random intervals throughout the day and the night.

Prochlorperazine was the first, I gave up on this after around 10 days of stomach cramps, nausea and “loose motions” (as the doctor put it). Next up I was handed Betahistine, same stuff, different name in my case, felt a little less wobbly but that didn’t account for the immense stomach disorders it induced.

Next up the doctor is worried that it might be Meniere’s Disease, he doesn’t know if it is or not, and apparently it’s going to take some testing to find out but I await my NHS referral next month (3 months after this all began).

Should you ever hear of anyone suffering from this then please don’t take it lightly, it’s more than just being wobbly and feeling sick. I have now been unable to work for 2 months, ride my bike, go for a proper drink, go to the shops for fear of passing out at some random point, it’s a pain in the arse and I’m sick of sleeping in until mid afternoon.

I’ll stop ranting now and go to bed.

Sleeping to the soundtrack of tinnitus isn’t easy, sorry if I appear cranky of late, this kinda gets you down.