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Machine Head – Rescue Rooms 29/07/14

Whilst I entered this gig with possibly too much expectation for my usual self I can’t deny being at least a little disappointed. The music was good, the sound quality was good, the band however didn’t seem with it, Robb talked at great length in between tracks, barely played his guitar and seemed to be struggling with the words to some degree.

I had heard prior to going that they had a new band member which I assumed to be the drummer as something seemed to be missing from the usual uber-tight renditions that I am used to from Flynn and co.

At one point it was announced that the old school Machine Head fans (of which I assume to include myself being as I’m a far bigger fan of the earlier stuff) would show the new fans how it’s done, they then proceeded to play a fairly recent song. Something from the first 2 or 3 albums would have been ideal at this point, instead at least 2 old school fans (Paul and myself) went outside for 5 minutes of fresh air.

I feel a great opportunity was missed by the band on this occasion, a shame as I’ve always classed them as one of the best live metal bands out there.

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