Another Mould Breaker Gone

This week we have had to say goodbye to one of the most legendary and influential people I’ve ever known, my Grandma. One of a kind doesn’t come to close to describing her, to coin a phrase she often used, she would “call a spade a spade and if they don’t like it they can piss off”. Some people would deem this flat out racism of course but anyone who met her would know better than this. She was the most kind hearted and welcoming person I have ever had the privilege to be related to, the shirt off her back or her last pound were never too much for a person in need no matter who they were.

She was hilarious in conversation too, never failing to put a smile on your face when you were feeling sad, and always great at telling humorous tales of both the past and recent happenings. Ripley has certainly lost one of it’s iconic figures this week but in my opinion she will never truly leave us as she will be remembered for decades to come as she left a huge footprint in all of our hearts.

You’ve gone to a better place now Grandma and I hope to catch up with you at some point in the future for one of your legendary Sunday dinners, a fag and a good old chat, I’ll still have the beard however because you always taught me that people take you as they find you come what may and I can be just as stubborn as you.

Rest in peace, miss you already.

Grandma at the zoo