Ahrah Talk

Last nate awa sittin round me mate’s ahse when it come to me that folk from just a few mile up’ road’d ay a proper ‘ard time gerrin on wi’t conversation in’t room. Wewa just ayin a laugh an a joke abaht owd times n what we used te gerronwi as kids but nonnonit were what folk’d call proper English.

Av become a bit known fert rode a talk ana canner deny at times pushin it fer no better reason than lovin’ it n never wantin it to die aht.

Derbyshire teks some gerrin used to as an accent ana culture, proper Derbyshire folk dunner seem to let nowt botherum. Shit ‘appens is a way o life n a bloody goodun at that, yer canner go through life worryin about shit that might ‘appen, gerron wi what’s in front on yer n thas’ll be rate most ot time. When shit gets on top on yer then yer mates’ll always muck in to get yer rate aggen.

Generally a reckon folk find it comfortin as its gorra certain genuine saahnd to it, it’s like thee can sense that ‘cuntgiapiss’ ring to yer n it brings um back daahn to earth wiaahtum even knowin’ yev done owt. Which yaven’t really, yuv just bin yersen n if folk canner tek it thee know where theecn shove the bogger.

Heirs n graces dunner belong in Derbyshire, am rate as I am.

You can just see Riber if you look hard enough
Thas can see’t castle up on top ot’ill, beltin itwa!